Blogging & Social Media

Your company's brand is not what you say about yourself it is what your others say about you. Ignore the social media space today & you leave the door wide open to your competition.

Blogging and Social Media are rapidly evolving into the most effective methods of marketing available today. In fact Burning Hour Creative developed a relationship with no less then Donald Trump's, Trump University via blogging. Blogs, Social Media, Video Sharing and similar sites are rapidly becoming the primary source of trusted information for today's web user.

Burning Hour Creative can help make your company a success in the Social Media space with campaigns and programs such asÉ

Blog Development and Consulting

- We can help your business develop a presence in the blogoshpere. Whether you want a blog set up and customized, consultation on your blogging practices, ghost writing or full service blog marketing we can develop a solution for your needs.

Video Marketing

- In 2005 YouTube was nothing but an "idea". Today it is the third most popular website in the world and is visited by millions of web users every single day. We can show you how to harness the power of video marketing to build your business.

Social Networking

- Franklin-Spirko can help you business harness the power of networks such as Digg, Mixx, MySpace, Facebook, MeetUp and many others to build your brand and attract new customers. In 2008 every major Presidential candidate utilized social networking. The reason is simple, social networks deliver high returns of investment and build fierce loyalty.

Contact Franklin-Spirko today with your web development needs to learn how our team can help your business reach its goals.